09/04 - 09/04

Amare nell'onda del risveglio (Italian version)

Director : Franca Maria Impallari

Cast :

Durata : 01:30

The documentary, associated with the book "Amare nell'onda del risveglio. Perché siamo qui?" (Om Editions), is a kind of intercultural dialogue that explores the links between science, consciousness and spirituality. Moreover, it is a tribute to Sicily and in particular to the Greek city of Selinunte. This ancient city is described as a sacred place, recognised for the energy emanating from its monumental temples. The choice of this place seems to have a symbolic and representative meaning within the documentary, presumably linked to the transmission of a special energy and spirituality that characterises this site. This combination of intercultural dialogue, spiritual research and homage to sacred places offers an experience rich in meaning and multidimensional connections between different spheres of human knowledge. Speakers: Shakti Caterina Maggi, Ramacandra Das, Tarika Di Maggio, Carla Parola, Verena Schmid and Marco Ferrini.


Price table

  • Full ticket: euro 10 (euro 12 for films longer than 145 minutes)
  • Reduced ticket: euro 8 from Monday to Friday for: students of the Italian University, foreign students Lorenzo de 'Medici International Institute, children under 12 years (euro 10 for films longer than 145 minutes).
  • Days excluded from the reduced: Saturday, Sunday, holidays and pre-holidays, special events.
  • Special events or event films: euro 10/12/15 or even more.
  • Super-reduced ticket for rows with limited visibility: euro 5 always valid, every day (euro 6 for films longer than 145 minutes).
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